Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Been A While

It's been a while since i last updated my blog... updating the blog today is also a request from a friend... Life pretty much is ok for now.. besides all the unwanted sick fever ,cough, and all.. but other than that everything ok.. college last was great for the first sem... scored 3.6 CGPA ... this sem is sem 2... what the fuck .. i think i'm gonna fuck it up .. exam in another 2 weeks and i;m still bumming around doing nothing...getting away from the study life... i've been working for Astro .. the last astro i worked was at penang .. cup prix.. second time working for cup prix in penang... so nothing much special there except making new awesome friends that melvin introduce ...  Ying Ying. Cherry, Shu Fern, and the other friends that I've met before Goh, Kah Mou, Wen Xian. and all... life up till now is ok .. just hoping things turn out they way i want it to be ... years gonna end... 2012 comes really fast .. and people say it's the end of the world... wait a minute i have a lot of things still need to be done... wait a while 2012 ... i'm not ready...:P

oh well .. not everything in this world will wait for us... we have t chase it in order to make a better future... chow for now.. PEACE


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