Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Been A While

It's been a while since i last updated my blog... updating the blog today is also a request from a friend... Life pretty much is ok for now.. besides all the unwanted sick fever ,cough, and all.. but other than that everything ok.. college last was great for the first sem... scored 3.6 CGPA ... this sem is sem 2... what the fuck .. i think i'm gonna fuck it up .. exam in another 2 weeks and i;m still bumming around doing nothing...getting away from the study life... i've been working for Astro .. the last astro i worked was at penang .. cup prix.. second time working for cup prix in penang... so nothing much special there except making new awesome friends that melvin introduce ...  Ying Ying. Cherry, Shu Fern, and the other friends that I've met before Goh, Kah Mou, Wen Xian. and all... life up till now is ok .. just hoping things turn out they way i want it to be ... years gonna end... 2012 comes really fast .. and people say it's the end of the world... wait a minute i have a lot of things still need to be done... wait a while 2012 ... i'm not ready...:P

oh well .. not everything in this world will wait for us... we have t chase it in order to make a better future... chow for now.. PEACE


Monday, June 6, 2011

College Life

What the hell man .. it's been a while since i last updated my blog .. this stupid blog cannot open .. so that is the main reason .. college life start .. first day SHY as always ...than i met a friend from teluk intan( her famous word LEH!!! ...soooo cute) .. how stupid am i to tell her I've been to teluk intan before ...i went there for the beach .. it was actually teluk batik that was where i went .. Stupid me ... hahaha .. maybe i was just trying to impress her .. but she never seem to give a damn .. Sobxxx...

the next episode .... i went for astro work in ipoh ..brought her along too .. i felt really bad .. because i put her in a position that made exhausted .. (note to self never take her to astro work again).. than same crew worked .. before astro we went to jusco .. with karen .. ate black canyon ... and wow was the food good or what .. AWESOME!!!!...miss those time so much .. care free exam free... so much things to do and nothing to worry about..

the next episode ... CAMERONS .. this time it was fun .. just chill out .. enjoy the wind .. and at the same time thinking of college .. man does college life really take a toll on me self .. hate it sooo much... but what to do ... education never stop ... some one will always have to be smater than others and create new and mind blowing course... bitch slap them .. haihzzzz

The next episode ...again astro this time in kl .. for petronas grand cup prix .. tired wasn't the word for me and melvin had to drive back on the same day to ipoh after work .. dead man driving .. hahaha ... nothing much to say bout that day since i practically couldn't remember half of it .. hahaha.. STML!!! as joe yee would say .. hahahaha..

just yesterday i came back from kl melvin and me took a bike trip down there .. this time for a wedding ceremony from one of out company (brainchild) boss.. CONGRATZ to the both of them ..may they have a delightful life ahead ..

Now back in kampar .. again college life... fuck the test and exam .. i practically failed everyone of it .. FML ... STRESSSSSSSS!!!!! TENSION SIAL!!!! none of it can explain the feeling i have now ..

Monday, March 14, 2011


Finally i started jogging since i don't play football much now a days ... now everyday i jog around my house area ... i love to exercise .. but only with friends ... thanks to cheeky for the advise ...without it i wouldn't have started jogging alone ..thanks ex cow violator ...hahaha... just heard that you got a divorce ... wonder who is the next person that is gonna be in your life .. hehehehe ... well i just hope that i won't be lazy after a while of jogging alone..must stay strong and fit .. hehehe ... i miss kampar so much ... but well sooner or later i'm gonna miss ipoh again after my college starts ... so might as well enjoy ipoh while i'm still free... hehehehe ... thanks to daddy for sponsoring me a new jogging shoe ....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

DIGI Roadshow

Working for Digi ...with Melvin and Gareth ... it was a last minute plan to go there when Gareth call and said theres a job in kl ... immediately Melvin said ok will take the next train to KL ... after that everything was normal until we reach to the working place on Saturday ....the work was ok ok not so fun as compared to Astro .. i know i shouldn't compare ... but forgive me .. the night after the work ...i was sooooo tired and and just wanted to sleep ...but went off for a movie ... I'm sorry i acted like a bitch with period that day ... but everyone does that too ... for their own respective reasons ... other than that everything was cool... especially after talking out the problem i and Gareth was facing .. now everything good...aren't we ? ....hehehe ...finally reached back home adi .. time to sleep after a nice train ride... i took the ETS today .. my first time ... i wished it would go faster than 146Km/h ... but it was good ..thanks Arul for fetching sending us to the train station and picking us back .. peace out

Monday, February 21, 2011


Damn Shit Man .... Life is soooo like bored here in ipoh.. dammit ... My daily routine is sleep as late as possible .. get up as late as possible ..thn go McD with Arul .. talk crap... thinking of ways to earn money and also think of  places to go be'coz it's bored here .. damn damn damn .. go back home eat dinner with family than come back computer again and again and again .. haihzzz life sucks man... hope to get the life kick back into me ... hehehehe... peace out for the world ..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ride To KL

hahaha...another awesome week for me ...as i went on a convoy trip with Melvin and Arul to kl ....Me and Melvin rode to KL while Arul drove... thanks to arul our belongings was save and secure for the weather was very unpredictable .. it rain a while than stop than hot sun than rain again .. haihzzz...but the trip was AWESOME .. The main reason we came to KL was to surprise Gareth Ho .. for his b'day ... and also Luke's house warming party .. back in kampar, when gareth came to visit ...we told him to go back early as it isn't good to drive back on your b'day ... hahaha but that was all bullshit .. we told gareth that we(ARUL,MELVIN,ME) was going on a road trip from gua musang to kelantan than pahang, selangor ,melaka and back to kampar .. hahahahahaha...everything went well .. and soon everything has to go back to normal life again ... haihzzzz...oh well life has to go on .. peace out

Friday, February 4, 2011

RanDom Trip

Today was a super random trip... Melvin, Arul and me decided to go out and chill .. our topic suddenly change to going to camerons ...than out of no where we all thought of a same place ...that was PENANG...our ever famous sudden trip always somehow will end up super duper awesome .. hehehe .. we went to penang... met a few of our old friends Esther and Joan... we were trying to call Kam Mou And Wen Xian but there was no answer .. than we visited a few places such as Hard Rock Kafe And Hotel ... all I can say is it was WOW!!..place was cool the music was awesome ... the atmosphere was Spectacular...All In All this was the most fun random trip so far .. hehehehe...planning to make more .. but for the time being .. peace out ..sleeping adi ...